ISHI! Shorts! Mania!!

The Holidays are long gone. Snowstorms are ravaging the land, and all I can think about is shorts. Have I finally gone completely mad? - Quite possible. But mainly I am thinking of a very special pair of shorts. ISHI:s  shorts, that I briefly mentioned here: Ishi unique fight wear  

The whole project begun by me making and sending a few drawings to Pete. Based on my scetches Pete draw his own versions, and sent them to me for approval (he did not rush into making anything, before every detail was approved by me).
Surprisingly all my details and ideas were taken in hand, and not only were they considered, but even possible!
In my list of details were among others:
That the collar on the lower back was a bit higher, so the bicycle-stand does not show immediately as I move.
Regarding colors I "simply" wanted a worn black (not grey, but WORN black) base, with the embroiderings and details yellow for contrast.
As the fabric I chose the same as generic GI-pants, twill.
As a finishing touch I wanted a feature that I have not had in my shorts before: A clever little pocket for my mouthguard, in a very convenient place, but still keeping the shorts according to competition regulations.

The original sketches I sent Pete:

I gave him artistic freedom with the deatils, and Petri sent me the following picture to approve or edit:

I cant say my vision had been altered at all. The edges in the text and coat of arms are a bit softer, but I knew that would be the case. The Ishi logo is prominent, as we had talked about earlier.

After this we moved on to my measurements. I got a detailed list of measurements Pete needed, and I measured once, and cheked the measurements TWICE. I would propably go clinically insane if the measurements were off...

And now its time for the hard part:
But after that comes the fun part:

So, spread the good word, and Ill keep in touch!!

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