Ishi - Worth the wait.

A couple of days ago the postman brought me the package I've been waiting for!!
I specifically asked that the collar of the shorts would be a bit higher on my lower back. It looked like the collar was "too" high, but after a couple of hours of training, I can say it is perfect. The shorts dont hang low,fit perfectly  and you really appreciate something like that after a hard training, thinking "how have I ever coped without this?"
The customisations are of the highest quality, and after a few trainings there are no visible wears or tears in the details.

I wanted the shorts to be fitted with a traditional Gi-pants waistband, because rubberbands are for sissies. 
A pocket for my mouthguard. the angle of the photo is a bit , Interesting, but it is at the bottom of the left pant-leg. 
The pocket is practical as hell, and eliminates my habit of putting my mouthguard on the mat, while desperately trying to ask about a technique, or while talking.

The fit and lenght are 99% perfect. the remaining 1% comes as the shorts are worn in. The fabric used is twill, and a bit stiff as of yet. These shorts are the perfect example of "getting better with age" 
 A funny detail for Guard practice! Pete mentioned doing some extra embroidery, but I did not even notice this one before it was pointed out to me. And even though I discourage the use of Internet-tereminology, this is a clear WIN!!

For the customer service I give a cool 10/10, and for taking my ideas in consideration 11/10. The threshold to order something from Ishi is very low.

I recommend Ishi to every fighter that wants to look good, distinguish himself from the grey masses, or has got a difficult time to find the perfect fit in shops. And as it says on Ishi's HOMEPAGE , "No idea is too weird"

Consumer disclaimer: These shorts did not improve my technique in any way, shape or manner. But I looked a damn lot better tapping.....

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