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So I had a nice talk with Kári from Odin Fightwear (HOMEPAGE), a new NORDIC brand on the market, featuring a damn cool pair of MMA-shorts as their newest item, which will be reviewed here soon!!

Whats up Kári? Cold in Denmark?

Well I‘m from Iceland originally, so Denmark is basically tropical weather to me (it‘s 8°C now in February for christs sake).

Tell me a little bit about yourself..

I wish I had a really exciting way to describe myself, but my name is Kári Gunnarsson, I‘m a 28 year old physicist working as an insurance analyst. Pro tip: This is not a good pickup line.

What is your personal relation to martial-arts?

Well martial arts, or brazilian jiu jitsu, to be specific, is my real passion. Have been training for about 9 years and have a purple belt to show for it, but more than that it‘s just by far my favorite thing to do in the world, the list of things that makes me happier than rolling is extremely short.

So, you've got a brand spanking new brand – Odin Fightwear! How did you decide to start a brand of your own?

Well basically I wanted to get more involved with the sport, do more than just train it. On top of that it felt like there weren‘t really that many brands focusing on non-badass type clothing, as everyone seemed to be trying to copy tapout, which is understandably, since they are incredibly successful, but disappointing at the same time, since it‘s not the style that I want.

What song would describe your brand?

Phew tough question, maybe it‘s just because I really like this song currently, but the Xaphoon Jones remix of „Colours“ (a song by the group Grouplove), would be a candidate. „Young Folks“ by Kanye West would kind of explain the feel I myself have for the brand (and would perhaps like it to have), but the colours in my designs are probably a little too safe for that song.

Your designs are simple, yet beautiful. Who designs the prints?

Well usually I have an idea in my head, but sadly I‘m completely stripped of all artistic talent, so I have no way of actually creating them myself. I have a freelance designer in USA that my friend recommended, that did the logo and the shorts for me. I‘ve played around with the idea of using crowdsourced design for my next product, see how that goes, the idea of getting input from multiple people and picking the best is interesting.

Do you want to share a little teaser about new items coming to your collection?

Well, my first priority is the shorts, the sizes distribution on my first order was not idea, so I don‘t have anything below 32“ waist, so my first order of business is to order more shorts in small sizes so I can accomodate everyone, will probably happen in the beginning of April.
Aside from that, my next product I‘m planning on is a shortsleeved rashguard before summer, the graphical design hasn‘t been decided yet, but I have an idea on how to prevent them from riding up and exposing your belly all the time (I‘m hoping I‘m not the only one who has this problem, maybe I‘m just fat), I haven‘t seen any other fightwear company really address this issue so hopefully there will be a market for it.

Are you planning on having a physical store as well, or only sell online?

Well not me, no. I do hope that the product will get sold in physical stores though. They are currently sold at the club I train at in Copenhagen (CSA), and I‘m negotiating with another local martial arts store to carry the items. Hopefully once the brand gets some exposure, other stores (both online and physical) will show interest in my products.

If you had one superpower, what would it be?

Ok I used way too much time to think about this question, and I still can‘t decide on anything good. But I guess something close to Hiro Nakamura from the show Heroes would be pretty sweet (time travel/teleportation), be able to experience any time and any place. Having travelled the world a bit and having great friends at opposite ends of the world, it kind of sucks how difficult it is to meet them, being able to teleport back and forth and meet those same people in the same day would be incredible.

What is the MMA-scene like in Denmark?

Well it got off to a bit slow start compared to the other Scandinavian countries, but it‘s really picking up steam now, and there are some great fighters coming up now, that I think have a bright future. Also there‘s a huge MMA event coming up on March 10th, that will be on live TV on a mainstream channel, so that‘s a pretty big deal. Hopefully we‘ll start seeing some more Danish in the big promotions, since UFC is coming to Scandinavia I assume they‘ll be looking to expand on their nordic roster of fighters.

Now, the word is free, promote yourself, your brand, tell us something you like us to know about Odin Fightwear, or politics, or the Piri Reis map.

Shit, now I feel all stupid, since I had to google „Piri reis map“, had no idea what that was before. But yeah, if you‘re interested in the brand you can subscribe to our facebook page (OdinFightwear facebook), that will be where I release all info first, will also be giving some deals/giveaways there at some point, and if you‘re interested in the shorts themselves then head on here:
 and politics? Ron Paul 2012 i guess? (i‘m assuming this will gain me massive brownie points with the internet legions).

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