Smartshake V2

For quite some time I've been cursing the impracticality of my generic standard shaker. Or, actually, it works each and every single time, but it isnt too practical, right?

I have been quite annoyed about the fact; as Im leaving for the gym or to training, Ive got a bagfull of stuff with me wasting space, and constantly tricking me into forgetting something at home. 
Normally I had something in the shaker like creatin. I had a container for my mouthguard and one for my protein, as seen in the picture below. At one point I had TWO shakers with me to "save time". Madness. Utter and complete madness.

Almost obsessed with my irritation, ive been looking for tins and containers that would lock onto each other in some way, and designing a shaker that would fit into this millennium.
Thank Odin that I did not have the chance to waste my time too long on my horrible design ideas, because those cunning blonde vikings, the Swedes have already designed the product i had been looking for!! And here it is: Smartshake:

I had to get my hands on one of these. Gimme gimme!! But to my eternal terror it seemed like a very difficult thing to find from web-shops nearby. 
running some arbitrary errands a few days later I accidentally stumbled upon smartshake in a nutritional shop!! The most positive part was that it cost almost half of what it did online, as there were no postal fees, so I walked out 8€ poorer, but with a wolfish grin from ear to ear.
I have tested Smartshake for a couple of months now, and I must confess that Im still in awe of the sheer simplicity of this amazing product.
Structurally smartshake is different than a regular shaker, because it is fitted with two smaller, detatchable compartments:

The sizes of the smaller compartments are 150ml and 100ml. The parts are equipped with a scales, to help you get the right amount of nutrients. The bottle itself has a scale up to 400ml, which is smaller than the 700ml I were accustomed to. I measured the amount that fits, without spilling, and 500ml was easy to keep in the bottle.
The smaller compartment comes with a small plastic cross, in which you can separate you vitamins for the day, or your marbles, before you loose them all together in awe of the awesomeness of this shaker.
I removed the cross, and I keep my mouthguard in the smaller compartment. It easily fits two mouthguards at the same time (During training I use two different guards: one smaller for technique, so I can talk better with it, and a more bulky one for sparring.). 

Smartshake can be machine washed. It does not even notice anything unless you exeed 120C, so you can boil it to desinfect it once in a while. 
I have not to date noticed any odd smell or taste get incorporated into the shaker. Many times ive forgotten it in my bag for a couple of days, but a simple rinse with water has been sufficient up to now.

The sift on the top of the bottle was described almost as something that defies gravity, and other boring laws of nature. It was said that the sift attaches itself to the cap of the bottle, so you dont have to remove it manually before pouring sand into the shaker (or proteins, what do I know?). 
The sift has not proved itself to be very special, sometimes it locks to the cap, sometimes not. I have never had problems with my shakes getting lumpy, so I cant say anything else about this than: "It looks a bit different than before".

This verison of the bottle also has a little edge on the outside with a hole, so you can attach something to it like your keyring, a bicycle-lock, or a pair of nailclippers. I drilled the horribly small hole much bigger and latched on a small carabiner, so I can hang it outside my bag to save room.
Directly from the website for smartshake you can order a customized bottle, but the minimum quantity of 5000pcs is a bit steep for a gym or a private person.
The bottles looks have not been affected at all by machinewashing it, or by graituous, almost daily use. 
And I would like to mention this again: No smell or taste has stuck to the bottle at all. 
All in all, Im so pleased with this product that I can NOT see myself going back to carrying umpteen different containers and bottles and bags with me. Ever again.
the bottle itself is smart-looking, and there are a lot of different designs available online. too bad there is no chance to customize it yourself, because every one online has some brand that designed it for them, not for you.

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