Muninn shorts - Odin Fightwear!!

First impression:
I picked up the package without seeing the sender, and wondered what it might be, as the weight did not equal the size of the envelope (yes, they came in a envelope that fit in the mailbox, so no need to go to the postal office to get them!). As I sat down and noticed where the package came from I went from being exited for the shorts to super-excited. The shorts are very light, and fit me perfectly on a size L. I am usually between L and XL, but the L fits snugly, without being too tight or too baggy.

The fabric looks thick and sturdy, but in reality it is a very light and thin. The fabric is a 4-way stretch, and it gives without any feel of resistance while grappling.

There is a pocket for mouthguard inside the waistband, keeping the shorts according to competition regulations. As a bigger guy (with a fair belly) its hard to get the mouthguard in the pocket, as it is so low on the inside of the waistband.

Again as a bigger guy (wink-wink-nudge-nudge-say no more-say no more), Im pleased that the velcro T-”zipper” is sturdy and wide. 

There is a string inside the velcro for added security, but I have only needed the robust velcro to keep the shorts in place tightly. That might change later, If I wash the shorts with something that ”cloggs” up the velcro over time, but that is my own fault and general lazyness (I do my best to keep my training gear separate in the wash, but sometimes I tend to get brain-farts as everyone else...), and by no means a problem with the manufacturing.
Id like to remind everyone to CLOSE the velcro before washing, or the draw-string WILL get frazzled by it!

The sublimated print is awesome, and as it is just that, submlimated; it will not wear off or peel like in many generic shorts ive had before.

During rolling and sweating the shorts did not get transparent (or as one pair did, became almost invisible) or even looked like I had worn them even once.

I was pleasantly surprised after training: The shorts hung in the locker-room during my shower (yes I tend to shower more frequently than at midsummer and christmas) and when I begun packing my bag, the shorts felt totally dry, and clearly did not absorb much sweat or moisture to the fabric at all. During rolling I noticed that they felt cool and well ventilated.

I washed the shorts in 40C as the label says (Usually I cold wash at 30C). Without using the spin-cycle I hung the shorts to dry on a coathanger in room temperature, and they were dry and ready for use in about 2-3 hours.
That will be handy while at the beach in the summer too!

Regarding the overall look, Odin Fightwear tried to look crisp but not like a douche-bag, and in my opinion was successful. There is nothing to the untrained eye that screams ”I think Im a BADASS!!”, or ”I train MMA”, so even I would gladly wear these in everyday life when the weather gives me the opportunity in this cold and barren wasteland we proudly call Finland.
The contrast stitching easily shows that these shorts are built to last, as everything is triple-stitched except the waist, which is double-stitched.
I scrutinized the stitching in particular, and either Kári went around with a pair of nailclippers to avoid negative feedback, or the stitching is as good as perfect as a default (Which is a bit uncommon in this price-range). There are no loose ends, no frays or sloppy seams (After 4 washes – still nothing)

Summa summarum:
(In no particular order)
Fabric is of great quality, does not discolor in use
The 4-way stretch is firm, but not restricting
The shorts look awesome.
The drying time is short, which is perfect for a irregular evening-morning-evening rolling schedule such as mine.

The mouthguard pocket is not neccessary, and is positioned a bit too low for my taste, but then again, nobody forces me to use it.


Jeppe Hämäläinen said...

Is it too weird that im showing off my behind like that? :D

Anonymous said...

No, it's almost expected at some point :-)


Jeppe Hämäläinen said...

Lots of love ;)

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