Fat Gripz

So, the fellows over at FAT GRIPZ sent me a demo pair after I talked to them online for a bit, while looking for ways to improve my grip, and to make weight-training a bit more interesting after getting tired of the same old routines I have done for about a hundred years.

The concept is decievingly simple:
A thicker bar and an more "uncomfortable" grip activates all the smaller muscles, and activates the larger ones in a totally different way than you are use to.

The design is really simple as well. The Fat Gripz are just two tubes of "military grade high density compound", which wrap around the bar. I dont know if the "military grade" is the same as "tactical" which is often used when trying to make something seem much better than it actually is, but the material is comfortable, easy to keep clean, and the density is so high, that it does not compress at all, and still giving a good grip.
The actual use is so simple and fast, that it did not slow down my high intensity training, even though I shifted bars several times. It only takes about 5 seconds per Grip(z) to wrap around the bar, and ready to go.

So, I tried the Fat Gripz with a sceptical mind. The effect was like training with free weights for the first time, EVER.
I was totally bummed, when I had to reduce the weights massively during the training. Mentally it felt like these suckers are not helping at all, and that they are actually hindering me. But after just a few sets my arms were on FIRE! And not a "oh, I took a bite of a chili!"kind of fire, but a hydrogen bomb exploding in my arms-kind of fire!
I took my weights down about 1/3- 1/2 for the entire training, and had to shorten the program a bit, because my muscles got so incredibly tired so effectively. No. I did not quit the program, I said: I SHORTENED it!!

I have not got any means of measuring my grip-strenght mechanically, but I notice a quite big difference during grappling. My fingers do not get as tired, and my underarms do not get "locked" up because of lactic acid anymore, which was a huge problem before.

My wheight-training program is designed more specifically as a circuit training, and I hardly ever do maximum lifts, but I can STILL see clear musclegrowth, and what seems as much more denser musculature in my arms.

This is one of those simple products that you have no idea that you are missing before you have tried them...

As a grappler the Fat Gripz have significally changed my game by adding grip strenght, and a lot of power in my arms.

And the fact that I loved most is that they are so simple. They do not require learning anything new, just doing the exactly same thing as before, but much more effectively. now these are always in my gym-bag, and I hardly ever train without them.

There is one mildly negative side to all of this goodness... After I visited Fat Gripz homepage, every forum and other site that runs on ad-money started showing the Fat Gripz ad. All of them. All of the time. It is not a virus, its your search engine that registers your visit there, and customizes the ads to you in the future. It was a bit irritating, but in no way harmful...

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