I chatted with a jolly swedish fellow about pretty much anything else than the upcoming World Champs in ice-hockey...

So, tell us who you are, and how ORCBITE (orcbite.com) was born...

My name is Christian Lindell, Im 37yo, and from Gothenburg. I am an instructor at Frölunda Kampsportcenter, and the founder of a lifestyle-brand named Orcbite.

Around 2007 a friend and I started using the expression ”Orchbite”. An Orchbite is what you get when you are super attracted to someone. Your lower jaw grows, and you look more and more like a Orc :) Way back in 2003 I had the initial idea of a brand of my own, but never got it done. It feels really good to have found a name that fits, and is just so right for this brand. Orcbite.com started cloak and dagger-style september 4th 2010.

What has the spring brought for Orcbite?

There is a LOT going on for Orcbite, which is fun! During these first four months this year, we have launched lots of new products and designs, like T-shirts, Orcsuits (jumpsuits), Orcwash (a product that removes the foul smell from training clothes), and boxing-gloves which are due in May.
Ayia Napa MMA Academy is on the verge of opening, and Orcbite is the head sponsor for the gym. The Zone in Göteborg will be fought the 6th of may, where Orcbite is also the head sponsor.

Which song would describe Orcbite best?

I really have no good answer for that, but rumours say that there is a song made called Orcbite... I am waiting eagerly to hear it ;)

When I strolled around your page casually (Like a BOSS), my first impression was that you are a ”normal” shop with cool gear. But, then I stumbled upon the eSports category, and was very surprised!! whats the deal here? How does this all fit together?

Yes, eSports... I used to play World of Warcraft a lot (a LOT!) for a few years, and when I was contacted be SteelSeries (which is one of the big names in gaming-gear) with a suggestion of building som sort of co-operation, my answer was YES!
The whole eSports category brings the circle to its end, as it combines my own passions; training and gaming.

And for the obvious question: Does your Orc have a nickname?

Actually the Orc does not have a name yet :)

Do you train actively? And if the answer is ”Ofcourse, dude!”, for how long have you trained, where and do you compete?

I have done martial arts on and off since I was 15. But when I was 25 it got serious, as I started to train capoiera and soon after MMA and BJJ. I am an instructor at Frölunda Kampsportcenter (Homepage)on Submission Wrestling and BJJ, and the founder of Paragon Sweden (which is a part of Paragon BJJ with well-known grapplers like Jeff Glover and Bill Cooper). My last comp was Gameness back in 2009, and I came second.
My focus is now on coaching and instructing.

One of the weirder and more interesting products you have is ORCWASH! Tell us a bit more avbout it?! I do understand the idea, and the need (A Gi does catch a BIT of an funky odour when it get older...). My Gi smells pretty much of cooked cabbage and onion after two minutes of warmup, even though its freshly washed...

Exactly! You and many others are familiar with this situation. Normal detergent does wash your clothes clean, but do not remove the funky smell. Freshly washed clothes get warm by our body temperature, and the odour-particles are released again. Orcwash is an unique detergent (with a magical zink-salt ingredient that renders the odour-molecules water-soluable) that breaks down the odour-particles at the same time as it cleans your clothes!

I noticed in you FAQ, that there are two prices for delivery: 12$ and 30$. What does that mean? Or am I just a bit thick-again?

The shipping is 20$ (will be updated on the page soon), and what you read is false. Thanks for pointing that out ;)

So, you wake up after the UFC afterparty in a tent between Leonard Nimoy, and Sarah Jessica Parker. -What. The. Hell?

Waking up between those two? I would very much like to see the footage of that one, and somebody has propably spiked my cranberry juice.

Any interesting products/ ideas brewing?

To the fall season there is a lot of new products, and a few announcements, which I can't talk aobut yet...

And a new tradition: The next question is asked by the last person I interviewed:
What would your dream matc in MMA be? To either fight yourself, or watch?

In 12-18 months I'd love to see Alexander Gustavsson vs Jon Jones. In Sweden!

Now, the word is yours. Brag/praise/talk about whatever you want. Dont be shy...

I would like to thank for this interview and take this opportunity to wish all the Orcbite fighters the best of luck in their carriers and upcoming fights.Reza "Maddog" Madadi, Tor "The Hammer" Troéng, Assan "The Black Attack" Njie, Eddy Bengtsson, Rami Aziz, Martin Akthar, Erik "Sunshine" Carlsson, Oliver "The Combat Kid" Enkamp, Dennis "Pow Ahl, Pierre Hedberg, Christopher "Keso" Wassberg, Max "Hardcore" Hederström, Emil Söderholm, Zvonimir "Zvonne" Kralj, Amin Afsan, Marcus Johansson. And my apologies to whoever I forgot.

Last but not least: A huge THANK YOU to all our fans on this crazy trip. Your support means more than you'll ever know!

Get your BITE on! (Orcbite FB)
Review on ORCWASH coming soon... Stay tuned

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