Here is a fresh off the press interview with the co-founder of the coolest brand in Moldavia. And propably going to expand that quite a bit... Hope you enjoy reading as much as I did writing this:

1. Tell me a bit about yourself, and how Brutaltshirts came to life?!

Hi, everybody, my name is Kiril Stirbu and I am the co-founder of the brand known as BrutalTshirt. Our mission in this Universe is fighting against boring and bringing true brutal MMA/BJJ apparel to ya people of the Earth!

My first attempt of Brutal-T-Shirting was in 2010 when I tried to make merchandise for my personal blog. That t-shirt was non-commercial and a whole batch was gifted to my jiu jitsu pals; and they liked it. I am still interested if they liked my gods-gifted design or just the fact that it was free.

Anyway, I started looking for talented illustrators and experienced computer monsters for further realizing this project. And I did found them. Today my first black-and-white brutal t-shirt looks pretty naive in comparison with our new collection, but it is still eternalized in BrutalTshirt’s logo.

2. I understand the BJJ scene in Moldova is rather small at the moment, so where do you train, and how did you find BJJ?

In the beginning of the 21st century we had no BJJ here, but we still had internet. Also, BJJ started to develop in Russia, Romania an Ukraine, which are our neighbor. So, like every beginning jiujitsuka, I had tons of YouTube videos, blog posts and articles. I tried to implement deadly skills, which I got from YouTube, in my traditional Japanese Bushinkai Jiu Jitsu training.

I also started to write my own jiu jitsu and MMA blog in Russian. Of course, being a newcomer, I had nothing to say to my readers, but I worked hard translating Russian articles and videos from Stephan Kesting, Kenny Bond, Jason Scully, DSTRYRsg and others.

Right now I do BJJ in the same gym, where I started practicing Japanese jiu jitsu, and with the same guys.

3. Care to expand "brutaltshirsophy" a little?

Ok, let’s see. Being originated from a small Eastern European country I am big fan of Western culture. I like its open-minding, its bright colors and progressivity. I like almost everything excepting the one: its ongoing feminization and infantilization of mass-culture. There is limit I will never pass: a man can be easy and fun, like music and be nice, he must like kids and cats, but (!!!) deep inside under all this pretty stuff still must live the brutal dominant male.

Wearing our t-shirts it’s like saying to the world: “Hey, hello, I love all of ya, people, let us be friends and enjoy this wonderful world together! But if you mess with me, I will break your arm, sorry”.

I have to explain that the basis of BrutalTshirt business concept is not only cool stuff of perfect quality and nice design. Yes, it is important and we have it, but our uniqueness is the main idea, and we call it BrutalTshirsophy.

This is the way of how t-shirts help you to keep your primitive prehistoric ape deep inside of you happy and harmonized with modern civilized world. Damn, just cut this paragraph off if you consider it is too serious (HELL NO, Kiril!!), BrutalTshirsophy is funny concept; however it’s going after serious objectives. We are really trying to help people man.

4. Do you guys do the 'hora' often as a warmup?

Ha-ha-ha, man you got me… only when we drink red wine instead of training. It’s a lot of fun, just check it out:

(One of the weirdest things I've seen in a while)

5. So, your t-shirts are very cool. Who does the designs?

Our first collection was made by Maxim Pakhov, aka Braga76 (http://www.behance.net/braga76). He is absolutely an illustrating monster. However we are now expanding our designers’ crew, so maybe you will find some more names in our company soon.

6. Which song would describe your brand? .

I cannot be sure that my business partners share my music preferences, but when I was creating BrutalTshirsophy concept, I was listening the Prodigy. One of their things was cited in our Octopus Trailer:

Just remember that it is my personal taste, not the official one.

7. And this one is from the last person I interviewed:
"Why does my dog seem to enjoy eating grass and then throwing it up"?

 Pfff! Your western world dog doesn’t appreciate normal food that is why! Your dog must see how dogs survive in Third World countries! After living there for a while your dog will keep everything inside and digest it properly not throwing up anything!

And now you can ask the next random fellow anything you want ;)

Ok, here is my question:*** **** ** ******* *** ***** ** * ********** ****** **? (edited by ME!)

8. Are aliens feeding these questions to you through me, and if so, why do they want to talk to you?

They just want to get even with me. Once they had a plan of world domination through Brutal-T-shirting. But I rejected to use Brutals for evil and turned it into good (see above). And now they dream to defeat me. It’s no problem, man, just next time when you hear the same voices asking something in your head, answer them loudly: “YOU HAVE NO CHANCE, GREEN BASTARDS!!!” And they will leave you alone immediately. Believe me, they have no chance until Brutal T-shirts guard the Earth, just don’t forget to wear Brutal!

9. Any fun stuff coming out you would like to give us a little teaser about?

The stuff I am mostly excited about is our upcoming collection that we are releasing on the 28th of May (this Monday). Just check out the trailer movie and you will understand how cool it should be:

10. Is your home zombie-proof? 

No it is not, but this problem is almost solved: next week the world will see our new Brutal “Zombie” T-shirt which is definitely zombie-proof. Trust me, when the Zombie Apocalypse starts, no Brutal T-fan will be harmed while wearing Brutal “Zombie” T-shirt, 100% Money Back Guarantee!

11. The word is yours. Tell us about whatever you want; flog your wares, any thoughts about me, this interview, horrormovies, or martial arts... Anything goes...

Seriously, I was the happiest man in the world when I realized that my ideas are liked by people all over the world. After I started this project I made a lot of new friends in Russia, Serbia, Australia, USA, Finland etc.

It is a pleasure considering as my personal friends everyone who wears Brutal and loves this sport. And I am sure that after the new collection release this Monday I will have even more friends, simply because no MMA/BJJ fan could resist our Soccer Kicks, Zombie Tees and Scissors Sweeps.

And by the way, everyone, who will “Like” our Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/brutaltshirt before the official release date, will get a Free Shipping Coupon when ordering from BrutalTshirt.com store. Several days left, so hurry up people!

Moreover, considering the awesomeness of your site and plus being a huge fan of your blog, I am offering a special 10% discount coupon for your regular readers, here it is: BTSGRAPG10

Thanks for the coupon Kiril! Brutal stuff!!

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