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So, as I mentioned the Brutalest guys from the most brutal company Brutaltshirts sent me some shirts to try out, and I will let these brutal pics talk themselves.

Personally I like all three, and the only thing I would see as worth mentioning in a negative way is that the shirts are very short in my taste. Dont get me wrong, they do not leave my belly hanging out, but my personal preference is a longer version, as I am rather broad shouldered and that nice lady, Gok said that short shirts make me look even more top-heavy. And everyone who knew who Gok is, without Googling, SHAME ON YOU!


I was surprised of how crisp the graphics look, especially in the Octopus choke shirt (Worn EXCLUSIVELY here by my close friend Cthulhu, at his house in Rlyeh with that dreamy look...)...

But then again, I have not had an t-shirt this colourful in ages. The last one might have had TMNT on it.

The OFFICIAL shirt has a very strong and traditional ”Kamakura” feeling about the artwork, with the most clear message ever: ”Made by Grapplers for Fighters”.

How intentional this powerful resemblance to the Nio guardians by Unkei in Nara i do not know, but the graphic design does carry with it an aura of brutal power, so who could be the prefect (and brutal) guy to be modelling it, but Jason Vorhees?!

And the instant classic, the aptly named ”Brazilian JiuJitsu” shirt.
The contrasting colours are nice, and the slim fit cut and the somewhat stretchy fabric makes this one of my favourite shirts. As soon as I pull this on, It seems to suck out all the colour from the world around me and radiate it back with an inner glow.. I hope it is not radioactive, as the poor naked woman Im materializing on top of would most definately get a case of The Incredible She-Hulk.

The final verdict... I like these shirts a lot. I got one shirt sized L and two sized M. There was not much difference between these sizes, and both fit me well.
The graphics are simple, but fresh, and manage not to cross the line over to camp, or to be overbearing. The print at the neck of the shirts (and the ”Brazilian jiu Jitsu” on the lower back of the Octopus Choke-shirt) balance the designs out very well.



The new collection we have seen previews of HERE does look like it will push Brutaltshirt from the relative obscurity due to its new-ness to the front row of cool brands.

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