Datsusara - Light Gear Bag

So this has been in a way the hardest review to write.
I have found it almost impossible to say something unique, or pretty much anything that has not been said before.
In a bag as perfectly practical, and with customer care of an extraordinary calibre, it is easy to say the same things as pretty much everyone else. So. I will NOT tell you about how great hemp is as a material, and say nothing at all about the actual dimensions of the bag (all of this would at best be a copy/paste from the the datsusara web-page and nobody likes a C/P review, right?).
But here is the link to read up on these aspects: Dsgear - LGB

Instead I will merely tell about my experience, and how I have used the bag.

After recieving the package and after first examination of the bag, I was amazed. The bag looked HUGE, even bigger than in the video posted at the webpage. I actually thought the bag would be klonky, and too big. Well, it was not.

There are a few nice details I like to mention, which include the very minimalistic use of the Datsusara logo.

Also I enjoy the velcro patch, which I replaced with one of my own, to personalize the bag a bit.

The bag itself fits easily two gi's, a towel, a change of clothes, my chiuahua, a laptop (why a laptop you might ask? The chiuahua is a FB junkie.) and propably half of my wardrobe.
On the bottom of the bag is a loose fabric-covered extra bottom. I asked, and it is mostly for more stability for the bottom, and to make the bag more rigid.
Before I had the chance to ask Chris about this, I already had used it as a divider for my training gear and ”civilian” stuff.

And as I like to fold my gi nicely before and after training, and the gi doesnt fit in the ”nasty bag” included in the package, I fold it and place it on the bottom of the bag. Then I place the divider on top of it, and voila, the nasty gi does not touch the rest of my stuff.

(If you come up with a creative way of using the divider please tell us about it on the blog's FB-page!!)

The smaller pockets on the side of the bag are also very useful. Depending on if im on the move, or if ill go straight home after training, Ill roll my belt up, and place it in the big one, where it fits loosely.

The pocket with the zipper I use for my phone and I also love to use it for a lot of (a WAD of)  money, but have not had the chance to test that one out yet.

The compartments in the ends of the bag (the zippered ones) usually contain my hygiene stuff, and my first-aid kit ( and fill the compartment up to about 1/6 of the whole space). The other end is used for food, and supplements.

On the outside, the webbed compartments are good for my mouthguard-box, bottles, speakers, and anything I want easily at hand.

The bag itself has not yet, after a few weeks use (which includes a very weird trip to my cabin) shown any signs of use, and the delightful lack of screaming logos make it a very comfortable bag for everyday use ( as I have pointed out earlier, I dont want my stuff to tell EVERYONE what Im doing).

Breathable material
Big...big...big....big... -Is that an echo inside the bag?!
Despite its size, discreet
Practical placement of external pockets
Excellent customer care

None yet. (Dammit...)

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