I had a nice "video-conference" (why, yes I AM a wizard, thanks for asking...) with Chris Odell, from Datsusara.
I am currently testing a bag (LGB or Light Gear Bag) from Datsusara, and you guys will be the first to hear what I think about it, as soon as Im done with my quasi-scientific testing.
Chris really wanted to do this interview in Finnish, but I convinced him to do it in English, so its easier to understand (I take care of you, don't I?).
So, to know what we are talking about here, go check out Datsusara's homepage right here: Datsusara
Now, click the video to load, and go like Datsusaras FB-page riiiight about here: Datsusara FB-page

I do not have a webcam (you have all heard that one before, right? ) so Chris was stuck with this (mildly disturbing) static picture of me all trough the interview...

(Why so serious?)

But enough of my musings, here is the real deal:

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