Hemp Sensation GI

According to Submission FC: 

"First Hemp Gi made with style!
  • - Hemp Fabric Gi Top
  • - White with Green Contrast Stitching
  • - Pre-Shrunk
  • - Light 10oz Hemp Blend Pants 
  • - New Embroidered Designs 
  • - Heavily Reinforced Stress Points
  • - Green Rope Draw String
  • - 5 Draw String Loops"

My first impression:

I liked the pure white colour. All embryoderies and contrast stitching was well done. The green on white does sit well, even though I have preferred black gi's before.
The drawstring is cord, and not the stretchy kind.

 A very odd placement for the Submission FC patch and size tag...

Overall a very traditional looking gi, but when getting a closer look, clearly distinctive from other gi's.

Personally I do not like the huge embroyderies on the shoulders, the symbol ”o” in Submission would have been quite enough. But then again Im known for removing patches from gi's because I like a smoother look.

The fit:

The top of the kimono sits well, and is very close to perfect for me. The sleeves are a bit big, but that is pre-wash.

The pants sit well, but there is something odd in the cut. The cut of the pants is very high, so if I wear them as intended, I loog like a rapper, with the crotch hanging VERY low:

 I roll the waist once after tying the cord, and they sit perfectly. There is an excess of 5-6 cm material as seen in the pictures, but maybe its just my build.


The gi is surprisingly light, with the total weight of 3lbs (1,3kilos), as it looks much heavier.
During a nice summer roll, the gi felt very cool, and wicks sweat effectively. The gi is clearly much more breathable than my heavy cotton ones.
The gi does dry over night, and feels softer and more comfortable after each roll/wash cycle.
After a few weeks heavy training and getting manhandled by me and my trainingpartners has done absolutely nothing to the overall look of the gi, and it hardly looks like its worn at all, stitching and emroydery-wise.
This gi feels like its not even close to be ”broken in”, as it keeps getting more comfortable for every hour on the mat. And it wasnt even UN-comfortable to begin with.
The knees of the pants was a concern, as they looked a bit worn after the first roll, but it was only fluff from the mat/opponent which disappeared after the wash.



1 wash 4 washes

B: Cuff width 18,5
18 18
A: Sleeve length 78
77 75,5
C: Chest width 58
56 55,5
D: Skirt width 58
56 55,5


E: Waist 60
59 59
F: Length 102
100 99,5
H: Cuff width 26
26 25
G: Inseam 73
71 70

Possibly eco-friendly (Id like to know more about the process to be sure)
The most comfortable gi ive owned.

The very odd cut of the pants.

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