Orcbite – Slaughterhouse shorts

I had a few requests for this review after posting pictures of the shorts in another review.

For some reason I like gear that comes in its own packaging. Especially these ”zip-up” bags, that are so useful. And no, Im not hoarding like a grandma' , I put my wet clothes in them after training, so they do not soil my civilian stuff and stink up the bag too much.

I was surprised (but not as surprised as a year ago) when I opened the package, and found the shorts to be dirty on the frontside, on both legs. This seems to be almost a norm these days, and it seems like im noticing it more and more, regardless of the brand or product. Dont know if its something I just notice more nowadays, or if it actually is increasing though...

The shorts themselves are very stretchy, and of a rather thick fabric. The prints are sublimated, and highly detailed.
Even though I do dislike too flashy gear, the brutal goofyness of the huge Orcbite logo is somewhat appealing. In my opinion it is not even compearable to say, a dragon, skulls or barb wire. If anything its a shoutout to the fantasy-nerds like myself.

The collar of the shorts is very high, or the crotch very low (choose your poison. Want to look like a old dude, or like you don't fill your shorts properly). This might change if you use a (bulky)cup, as it would lift the crotch up a bit.

The velcro T-zipper is wide and very sturdy. It is almost like a solid panel infront of the shorts, and does create some discomfort while, say, crouching. I hope it will soften up in time.

This model includes slits on the legs to increase mobility.

Seams are top notch, and as good as flawless.
These shorts come with this weird poxket inside the waistband of the shorts (as so many others do as well), and I still have no idea of what I could keep in that pocket. As usual this pocket is so low beneath the waistband, that it is as good as impossible to put anything in it while wearing the shorts properly.

Final note: After rolling a few times, and washing these 3 times the velcro panel has not softened up at all, but the overall comfort of the shorts has multiplied, as the fabric has ”softened” and feels really smooth.

Great quality on prints
The Orc is just so cool
Takes about 1h to hangdry after washing
Fabric ”grows” on you

Velcro panel is possibly even TOO sturdy
A bit high cut for my taste on the waist
Drawstring inside shorts creates an unneccessary bump inside if the shorts are snug enough

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