Orcwash - by (surprise surprise): Orcbite

Me, as well as so many others have a problem. No need to be ashamed, you are NOT alone with your problem. During each and every training, you will roll with this guy or girl that smells like a week-old corpse. Or, to be a bit more specific (and a lot less offensive), their gear smell horrible. And not that I question their hygiene, or clothes-washing skills. I know I am THAT guy as well. My old trustworthy Gi, which has travelled with me for so many years (and was second hand to begin with) smells terrible. I have sweat hundreds of gallons of sweat in it. Ive gathered a plethora of smells form hundreds of guys ive sparred with. And that, my friends, is not a coctail you can remove with normal detergent. For a few minutes the smell is covered by detergent, but after that, it jumps back, and spinkicks you in your nasal cavity-twice. And this is absolutely not only a BJJ Gi problem! Shorts, rashguards, your batsuit (the version with the nipples ofcourse) etc gather an odour as they grow old.

For the first time I have found some help, if not a solution to the issue! ORCWASH!! This ingenious product from Orcbite is a like a guided missile against odours in training gear.
I could rant and babble about an hour worth of technical and clinical trivia, but the compressed fact is that Orcwash makes odour-particles water soluable, and washes them away, instead of covering the smell.

For this test I got down and dirty with a pair of Orcbite "Slaughterhouse" shorts by running, pounding the heavybag, and doing some body-control training.

 After that I took my arse-smelling Gi, and used it in a hot gym, sparring away for my hearts content. I then left the bunch in my gymbag overnight, to stew in its own brew..
Each and everyone knows how hellish the bag smelled when I opened it? Yummy....
I simply measured the instructional amount of Orcwash (four caps in half a drum) instead of detergent, and washed those foul shrouds in 30 degrees.

Immediately after the wash I noticed nothing special, as Orcwash has no added scent.
I hang-dried the stuff, packed my bag, and was off to training.
The focus was a heavy version of passing the halfguard. All training I was waiting cynically for THE smell to reappear, but alas, it did not. After training I sniffed around the Gi (to my training-mates great surprise), and yes, the smell was there, but so much weaker than during its hey-day.
Immediately at home I washed the gear again with the same dosage, and the smell was gone for good!!! Halleluja!!! I recon using this regularly wil prevent the propblem to reappear at all!!!

This is one of those products EVERY fighter should use on his/her gear. And for this price I do recommend everyone who trains anything to use.

My loyal Gi got a few years more of service, as I was almost hesitant to force anyone to grapple with me for a while...

My opponents will not tap just to get loose and away from me, and I get to learn the techniques properly.


My opponents will not tap just to get loose and away from me, and I HAVE to learn the techniques properly.


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