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A brief interview was done during the testing of the Hemp Sensation Gi. And here it is:

The Hemp Sensation GI that is mentioned in this interview

1. Who are you, and how did Submission FC come to life?
My name is Shakib Nassiri, I am the founder of Submission Fight Co.

A friend of mine a few years ago actually had the idea to start a gi company for all martial arts like judo, jiu Jitsu, karate, tae kwon do, etc. After a while I realized he wasn’t going to pursue this career so I asked him how he was going to do all this. He gladly told me everything despite knowing I would possibly do something similar. There seems to be many people with some truly profitable ideas, however it comes down to who actually pursues it, and with this idea my friend didn’t pursue this but I did!  

2. The Hemp Sensation gi. Tell us about it...

The Hemp Sensation Gi is simply the best Jiu Jitsu Gi that has ever existed. Why? Because it is made of Hemp and Hemp is simply superior to cotton in many ways. Too name a few, hemp is 4 x stronger, 4 x softer, anti-microbial, more breathable, super light, super comfortable, environmentally friendly, etc. I can go on and on. If it was up to me all bjj gis would be made of hemp. Hemp Sensation Gis are also IBJJF approved!

If you don’t believe the Hemp Sensation is truly the best gi that has ever existed, I suggest you try one for yourself!

3. Do you yourself actively train martial arts?

Yes, I do. I have been training under the legend Jean Jeaques Machado for the past 3 and half years.

4. How would you summarize your company with only 6 words?

Leader in Organic Hemp BJJ Gis

5. Is there going to be more hemp- or more ecological products in the near future?

Yes! We will be making bjj gis in all types of organic fabrics. We will have more details on our facebook page Submission FC-FB

6. Mouthpiece, or groin protection?

I have always wanted to get a mouthpiece to train with but I never get the chance to visit my dentist to get one done. Luckily, so far no problems without the mouthpiece or groin protection

7. Has all of this become "work" or is it still a "dream come true"?

Honestly, it is pretty stressful work. 99.9% of people in my shoes would have quit this business by now. I stuck to it simply because if I really do sit back and think about it, this really is a dream come true!

8. Have you ever heard of "SISU"?Wiki - SISU!! )

No I haven’t, It seems to be Finnish.

9. After reading that, do you think the two of us should start using "Sisu" instead of "Oss", in order to spread it around the world? 

I don’t really say either of these terms, not really into it.

10. So, we are close to the end. Now the word is yours. Brag, spread the word, write about anything you want, like Cthulhu, your dreams, or why its so important to flow....

Well, all I can say is if you think the Hemp Sensation Gi is innovative and a breakthrough for BJJ Gis you should wait and see what we are coming out with next! Submission Fight Co. is the leader in organic hemp gis and will remain the leader in hemp and other organic Jiu Jitsu gear.

These questions would have never been answered if it wasn’t for you, Jeppe, so thank you very much for this interview.

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