Brazilian Spirit Limited edition GI - GroundGame

  • light and strong pearl weave jacket - 550GSM
  • rip-stop pants
  • printing inside will never come off!
  • world class design with superb embroidery and patches
  • green contrast stiching
  • pants reinforced in the knees with extra material layer
  • rope drawstring with 6 belt loops to help you tie them better
  • meets IBJJF competition requirements

First impression:

As I opened the package of the gi the first thing I saw was the embroydery/patch at the collar. Its very high class, and I had propblems focusing my eyes on it correctly, and even had some problems of getting a good picture of it because of the complex and artistic use of colours.

Right out of the bag the look is sharp, crisp and the stitching is beyond good. The lime green contrast stitching, drawstring and loops really make this gi pop out.

The overall look is traditional, with a lot of thought gone in to the patchwork and art, as opposed to only been slapped on as an afterthought.

This particular model is a limited edition, and the number of each gi is visibly embroidered on the lapel of the jacket.

Does anyone remember what the number on my gi was?

I could have been perfectly happy without the brazilian flag embroydery on the sleeve.

There is a small GG embroydery on the back, which isnt too overpowering.

The nifty thing is that the embroydery is used on the inside as well. It is the used as the sun in the stunning printing inside the jacket.

When taken out form the bag the gi had a funky odour, which was explained as a biproduct of the printing inside the jacket. The odour was gone after the first wash (I always wash my clothes before using them because of the sheer amount of chemicals used in production of ALL clothes).

Insides of the sleeves and hem are taped.

The pants are refreshingly without any external bling, if you dont count the lime green colour of the loops and drawstring.


The jacket sits very well, (the shrinkage portrayed later on), but as always the sleeves are a bit long for my taste (Ive got short arms for this size it seems). The cut is very roomy, without being baggy, and does not hinder movement. The jacket is made out of 550GSM material, and while being moderately thick, is hard to grab, without being too harsh.
The pants are a bit more snug on the legs than usual, but fits my build almost perfectly. In the beginning the pants felt a bit odd, as they clung to the knees, but after rolling and breaking them in (or lubricating them with sweat) a bit, they didnt cling on anymore, and felt very good, especially as there is a little less material to grab for your opponent!

The gi feels great while rolling. Its not a cool gi at any rate, but it isnt even meant to be. It feels like its supposed to: Like a high quality gi that will last forever. The drying time is overnight, and the fabric does not stretch much even when playing spider-guard.



After 1 wash

Sleeve B18,5
Sleeve lenghtA81
Chest widthC62
Hem widthD63


Brand new

After 1 wash

Waist E57
Length F100
Lahkeensuu H25
In-seam G71

Overall look and quality. Top notch.
Limited edition – always a pro to have something everyone can't have (limited to 100 gi's made!!)
Fresh use of colours, while still keeping a traditional feel.
CLEARLY a "no-nonsense" gi made by fighters with love for bjj.

funny feel on the rip-stop pants at first, but gone after a roll.
Funky smell when fresh, but still, easily removed.

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