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These are some special guys. I found Ground Game , a Polish company via a friend, as I started writing reviews. Their company did not at the moment ship internationally, so I could not get my hands on their gear, but somehow we started talking online, and I got to know the guys on a personal level even.

After a while there was talk of the company to broaden their borders, and finally after months of waiting the international shop opened.

I did a interview for you so you can get to know them a bit too, and I must say, there just are not enough positive and nice people like these guys in the world...

1. Tell us who you are, and what you do in the company?

Hi! There's two of us, so anywhere in the answers you see "We" it means it's Chris and Michal answering the question :) We're both founders of the company. Chris is responsible for products development, working with the factories and all the technical things, and Michal is responsible for running the shop, contracts with our sponsored athletes and a great deal of the marketing. 

Sponsored athletes

Sponsored Athletes

2.I know that your brand has worked hard in Poland for some time, but you are brand new on the scene in the EU. So when was GroundGame founded, and how did it all start?

It's a long story but I will cut it short :) It was late spring 2009 when I was chatting with Michal about how I would like to create a BJJ/MMA brand. I said I wanted it to be top quality and attractive to the eye. Not all the same skull & swords style but something that would actually be great to wear. He liked the idea immediately and by the end of the summer we had picked a name, logo and decided that we will make the best and the nicest gear out there :) We always wanted to make products that we would love to use ourselves.

3. We have talked several times since we got to know each other, and I personally like the quality of your customer care, and all the help I have needed with my questions and whatnot. How important do you see customer care as in a niche business like BJJ/MMA gear?

We are both absolutely in love with training and fighting. Not only the technical aspect of training but the atmosphere and people that surround the BJJ/MMA community. We feel that we are a part of this huge family and our philosophy stems from it. We do not treat our customers like people who simply buy stuff from us. We treat them as fellow fighters, guys with who we can spare with, visit their academies and invite them to train with us. We would never want to meet a guy on the mat who says he's disappointed or feels he's been ripped off. Sparring with them might be a very hard time :)

4. One thing that really stands out is your silly cheap shipping prices. Is the Polish postal office insane, or just playing it smart?

Two things that come into play here. Polish Mail is relatively cheap when you send small packages and we also try to play it a little smart as well. To be honest we've added some part of the shipping cost to the price of the product. Simply because we are sure that once you buy it you will like it and sometimes if the shipping cost is too high it might discourage you from placing an order.

5. Will the PayPal option be active soon?(asked in mid-june)

Yes. I can promise it will be available within 2-3 weeks.

6. What is your favourite submission? And is there some submission that you feel like you get caught in "every time"? (Im preparing to roll with you if we ever get the chance to share the same mat ;) )

Chris: My favourite is for sure the arm triangle. Slick, easy and once you're caught there is no way out :) As for the second part of the question I don't get caught, ever :)) But if I do… legs I know very little about protecting my knees and ankles :)
Michal: I guess it would be brabo from the turtle position. I do get sometimes caught in all sorts of collar chokes since I most often roll without gi :)

7. I personally think it is a very good idea to sell gi pants separately as well, as they often get ripped or worn out before the jacket does. Is it from the sellers point of view difficult to sell pants separately? Because many brands do NOT have this option.. Or do you have a theory on why?

As I said before we are Jiu Jitsu freaks and I think that after combined 12 years of experience (Chris 5, Michal 7) we know what to expect from all sorts of gear. We decided to sell the pants separately as well, because we have the same observations as you do. From the sellers point of view it is basically the same as selling any other stuff. I'm not sure why other companies don't do it.

8. This is The Random question form the last guy I interviewed:
"Was the previous guy asking me about his dog  really interested in his dog, or was there some encrypted message in there that I missed?"
-And now you can ask the next victim something random if you wish ;)

9. East Europe and Poland at the front is very known for their strong grappling and MMA interest. Any ideas on why? Vodka? Aliens?

I'm not sure but I wouldn't contribute it to vodka :) I guess Poland has a reputation of a fighting country and since grappling and MMA are now the most popular fight sports we simply jumped onto it.

10. There was a MMA event in Poland this spring that really pulled in viewers on national television. Is MMA mainstream in Poland?

Sure, MMA is mainstream in Poland. We have KSW, which is one of the biggest organizations in Europe and is broadcast on a very popular television channel in prime time with roughly 4-5 million viewers. We also have another great promotion MMA Attack with nearly 1 million viewers watching their last event, broadcast on an encrypted sport channel. Apart from that there are several smaller promotions that develop very quickly.

11. Anything new and exciting going on this summer/autumn for you guys?

Yes! :) We have reached a level where new things will come our very often. As I'm writing this new t-shirts are landing in stock. We will have new shorts coming out in August, which we cannot wait to get as they will definitely be one of the best shorts on the market (not bragging, just saying :)) and new rashguards will be available in late July. Apart from that in September we are releasing Titan New, with a lot new tweaks and improvements. Also MMA gloves will be back in stock and we are working hard on some very nice boxing gloves. So a lot is coming soon :)

12. Now, say what you want, brag about how strong I am, tell us why you guys ROCK, or about how old YOU think the Sphinx really is....

We would like to thank you very much for contacting us and giving us the opportunity to answer these questions and present our brand. I hope we'll have a chance to meet on the mat and see if you're really that strong! :) As for the Sphinx, well I guess the water erosion and other facts might suggest it is way older then those Egyptologists say :) (Train by day, Joe Rogan podcast by night, all day!) :)
Oh and you may want to visit our facebook page: Groundgamefight Facebook  it’s in English :)

There will be a thorough review of this gi in the near future:
Brazilian Spirit Gi - Groundgameshop.com
Crappy camera - GREAT gi

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