Grab&Pull Gi - First impressions

THE classic pose
I recieved the gi today from the UK based company Grab&Pull, and just had time to pick it up before training. I did not have time to scrutinize the gi before training, I just pulled in on fresh, and rolled. The jacket is an normal sized A3, and was just a bit baggy. The pants have got a very low crotch, as Im noticing more and more often nowadays.
While rolling though, it didnt feel like there was an excess of fabric, and there was no extra entanglement anyway round.
The first feel of the collar is that it is very thick, but also very soft, so it gave me a little extra wiggle-room while fighting against chokes.

Now to get the gi in the washer and hope it shrinks just a little bit so it sits a bit more snugly.

Some bagginess

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