Grab&Pull kimono - Full review

So, now when I have had time to roll in this gi, its time to write down my experiences, and opinions.

This is a very basic white gi, with the only visible goodies beeing patches on the shoulders:
As un-assuming as myself

Getting all blurry after training

Some bagginess, but a good hot wash took care of that

Shoulder patches

Lining on the outside of the hem, and same inside sleeves

The stresspoints are ofcourse strengthened to the max.

Washing instuctions Jacket
The gi in itself feels very lightweight, even though it is 550GSM, and therefore not even close to a "true" lightweight gi. Out of the bag the gi was a bit baggy, but after one wash, it sat like a glove, and actually felt even lighter, or breathed more.

Rolling in it is like wearing no gi at all (except for the occasional lapel-choke), as the fit of the A3 is made for a bigger guy, and does not restrict movement at all. The fabric in itself is very soft, and even after being air-dryed, it did not stiffen up as old gi's did.

The simple, yet elegant black stitching on the white gi does not stand you out from the line, but the quality of this middle-priced gi is well and above expected.
The customer service did halt a bit, but possibly that is because Gustavo, the owner is a competitor, and busy training as well.

the pants are equally semi-blank, with only the washing-instructions on the hip.

Washing instructions/only patch pants



After 10 washes

Sleeve 18
Sleeve length 80
Chest width 62
Hem width 62


Brand new

After 10 washes

Waist 60
Length 103
Cuff width 26
Inseam 74

The main and actually only gripe I do have here, is the over-long drawstring. it was about 40cm too long on both ends. Yes I do understand I can cut them as short or leave them as long as I want, but no melted ends, not even a knot in the end makes me feel a bit, well not cheated, but left empty.

Id recommend this gi for a beginner as a GREAT first gi, or as a affordable everyday gi for someone not looking for flashy gear.

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