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Thank you The Pirate Bay for permission to use your logo for this unique project!!!

Masaru FightCo (UK) offers a rashguard printing service for one-offs or larger batches. Its fast, reliable and very professionally run, to my experience.

This was a very long and fun project for me. But I do not believe I let Paul from Masaru FightCo off easy either.
I started out with a rough idea, and to begin with I contacted someone I know at The Pirate Bay about the use of their logo, and told them about design idea I had. Immediately I got an response, and among other things, I got myself a ”Yes, sounds great! Go ahead”. I was given free hands to use the core design and modify it at will for this unique shirt.

Jazzed up by the relative ease, I coughed up five or six designs, which I then merged together, skipping all the elements that didnt fit in.

I sent Paul the first draft with an explanantion of what I had in mind. He thought it looked good, but that I had some practical problems with the design. I had graphics going over the seams, and that does not work too well, as the material at the seams is very hard to align. So we continued with approximately 20 emails, with me modifying the design, Paul giving me advice, and a LOT of vectors of the parts of the design.
I started out with .jpg's of all the elements of the design, and Paul wanted them as vectors. Well that was something I had never tried (or once I tried and failed miserably), and I dived into the deep end of the pool, googled many a hours and started transmogrifying the designs into vectors.

Well, easier googled than done. Without exaggerations there was 30+ separate vectors I sent, but they did not open correctly, because of, well, I have no idea. Neither did Paul. There was propably a week or two that was used solely by me making vectors in several different programs, and several formats and sending them to Paul, to get a ”Didnt work, dude”.
Finally I got the vectors over after a lot of downgrading the programs into older versions, and THEY WORKED!!! Again: Why? No idea. But they WORKED!!

At this stage I had messed around engulfing Paul's precious time for what seemed like ages. I dont know If it had with me to do, but Paul took a weeks vacation after all of this. After he came back though, he sent over a few drafts with the vectors placed, and we adjusted everything together.
When we were both happy with the outcome, there were mere days and my shirt was fresh of the press, and on its way to me.
This is the final product:

The designs came out exactly as I wanted, and Im very happy for the artistic touch Paul added to my very rough idea.
Quality-wise the shirt is superb, and ofcourse as its sublimated, the design will not peel away.
The high quality printing really gets the smaller details to pop out.

The material is very thin, and breathes well in use.
There has been no fading whatsoever after ten or so washes.

Do check out the Masaru FB-page for more info, and a lot of photos of other projects!!

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