Review Samurai Shadow Rashguard - GroundGame

Samurai Shadow from GroundGame

First impression:

I was thinking in advance about the technical problems of a white rashguard. I was a bit afraid it would get transparent when wet, and easily dirty.
Well, it does get dirty, but it only shows a bit easier than in a black one, it does not get dirtyer... Silly me.
And no problem with the transparency either, this rashg. Does not know what it means.
The material in itself is very thick, and feels almost like an compression shirt, but its not too tight, the elasticity of the material just makes it feel like a second skin.

The artwork is amazing and fits so weel with the shorts, without being overwhealming.
I like the fact that the samurai is adorning my back, and the front is so much more refined. 

I actually found myself looking for mount Fidji on the rashguard, as the wave's resemble the woodblock print

Hollow of a Wave off the Coast of Kanagawa... Which actually is also an EDO period piece. That also adds to the displacement of the ”Banzai” as everything else is period accurate. (Im such a fusser...)
Again, props to the discreet use of their own logo and brand name. It is true confidence in their own work, to not feel the urge to have it shout their name all over the place...


The cut is great, and the fact that it is very very long, is a plus. I was half expecting an rubber lining inside the rashguard as well, but that was just wishful thinking. The softness of the material just adds to the smooth fit, and makes the shirt sit like a glove. Even without the rubber lining, this is an awesome rashguard.


Artwork. -Awesome
Soft, sturdy material
Long cut.


No rubber lining, as the shorts almost promised

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