Review Samurai Shadow Shorts - Ground Game

Here we go again! Groundgame came out with a new fresh line of clothing, and I got my mittens on the Samurai Shadow Shorts and Samurai Shadow Rashguard.

Ill start with the shorts...

First impression:

The feel of the material is amazing. It feels thick, robust and like it will never wear out.
Immediately I noticed the rubber lining inside the collar of the shorts. Its a great thing for a tight and grinding style.

The seams are all reinforced heavily, and add to the feel of ”lasting an eternity”.


Now, this is an unederstatement, but the heavily motifed sublimations are wonderful.
The image itself is a grand example of an EDO-period samurai helmet, which was the beginning of the modernization and the slow decline of the Shogunate.

I love the fact that the brand name itself is very sparsely used in the design, and the logo which covers the other side of the shorts happens to fit in perfectly with the overall design as an helm of sorts in itself.

Personally I would have gone without the ”Banzai!!” text, as it is something evoked by the design in itself, and would not need to be pointed out. And just to be a pain in the arse, the term actually was coined mostly during the pacific war, and is not in sync with the era of the mask. But thats just me.


The upper part fits my hips very snugly, but as the material and cut is very well chosen, there is no restriction in movements. The ”slimmer” cut actually adds to the way the shorts sit firmly, and do not ride. The elastic panels in the inseam make sure the shorts do not feel tight in any area, even in the middle of intense battle.
As a man of stomach, I also enjoy the luxurious feel of the velcro ”flap” in the front, that excludes all skin irritation from the velcro, as it is sewn on the inside, and folded over the velcro.


There is a mouthguard-pocket in the slit on the right side of the shorts.'

Its so much more accessible than the ones on the collar of the shorts. I do not use the pockets that much, but the improvement of the placement makes it so easy, that I think I will use it a bit more. But just a bit.
Drying time, about 3hours in room temp. Great Great Great.


Material. -Great feel.
Rubber band in the collar of the shorts. -this gets two thumbs up.
Amazing artwork
Heavy reinforcements. More than in many cheap gi's.

Asynchrous artwork.

Review on the Samurai Shadow Rashguard HERE!!


Anonymous said...

Great rashguard and shorts....where are these manufactured?

Jeppe Hämäläinen said...

GroundGame has manufacturers all over the world. Some items are made in India, some Pakistan, some China, some Poland.
I do not know (and they wont tell) exactly which pieces are done where.

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't each piece of clothing have a "Made in XXX" label in it for import regulations. Surely the packaging or something indicates Made in.

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