Gimono BJJ GI - By Gimono

The Gimono gi is the weirdest but positively surprising products ive encountered in my grappling career.It is made out of a merino wool blend (A fabric named Fortitude), its light, warm but super durable. 
It keeps your body at an level temperature by wicking sweat in a supreme way.


First impressions:Right out of the bag (which ACTUALLY IS a bag)

 I was surprised of how diffefent it felt and looked compared to the more traditional materials. The material is very thin, and even a bit shiny. It does remind me of an -80s sport jacket, but as the retro look is wholly decieving, this first version of the Gimono bjj gi is one of the most practical things a busy grappler can carry around!

The look:The cut is still traditional, fits snugly and feels great to wear.

I thinks i need a Backiotomy

There are only minimal patchworks on the lapel and taping on the seam on the inside. Sleeves and pants are taped but without text/logos.

"you gotta' fight for your right, to paaaaaaartyyyyy!!!"

The pants have only got one loop in the front but the pants sit very well even without several loops more as we are used to.The size is a 4, fitting my frame well (180cm/90kg).. Lavinia from gimono did mention that they are going to modify the size chart to a more universal version.The seamwork is phenomenal, and there is no contrast stitching. No loose ends or frays are visible.

The gimono comes in a shoulder bag to carry around. The bags size is compared here to a 15" laptop-bag  and weighs very little even with the gimono in it.

15" Laptopbag in the background

 I was able to jam a small towel, and a change of underwear in the bag as well, so that i have everything i need for some mat time with me (exept the waterbottle ofcourse). 

The necessities

Going all Smurfy on your asses

The collar is rather thin, but still manageable. Again the ever-helpful Lavinia has commented that it is also one thing to be changed somewhat in the next version.

Atama white, Gimono Blue

Thougts:While the gimonos material is so far from what we are used to, it is in no way a bad thing. Its a perfect training gi (as i doubt it will be allowed in bigger tournaments for a while), dries SUPER fast and is as durable as an 600gsm armour. The material is hard to grip as its so thin and im waiting to get someone to wear it against me so I can try it for myself in action!The bag looks like a mini laptop bag and makes it easy to carry the bare necessities EVERYWHERE without konking a huge gear bag with you. The bag itself is so smart-looking, you can carry it around with a suit if you own one. Even though thin and very well wicking the gi is not cold to wear. The unique qualities of the wool blend keeps your body just as warm as a dry traditional gi top.

Pros Light.Small storage/packing sizeNifty bag that even goes if you wear a suit to workDries in a instantIs very modestly decorated as the material is already flashier than usualFeels awesome against your skin.Website looks really good and is clearly made by a professional compared to many.Great for a traveller

Possibly too different for many, even though it is not anything to fearThe collar is very thin for nowSize chart is a bit special (even though there are measurements to compare to!)The material has a little shine that some might see as offputting to begin with.

Overall the small cons get HEAVILY outweighed by the pros on this one. 


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