Kunai fight wear – "The Blade" Gi


I tend to focus on European brands, but here is one company that is China-based, with a gi manufactured in China. As the case is, most gis are manufactured in Pakistan (most, not all though) and as many brands try to downplay the country of origin, Kunai actually is very straight out with it. And the main guy behind the brand, Fred, is European and very prominent figure in Frontier Asia BJJ (Facebook).
But short story shorter, lets get it on:

First impressions:

Obviously not me (Im shaved bald). Ripped straigt from their website

The gi is very light. The red contrast stitching REALLY pops out. It also features red trims on the hem and reinforcements.
The slogan is ”Rolling Sharp”, and so is the overall look of the gi.
At first glance the Blade on the lapel, arm and lower back seems a bit overkill, with the repating of the same logo over and over. Luckily the logos are patches, so quite easily removable, I should think. I will remove the one on the arm, and possibly the one on the back now as I stop torturing the gi, and using it in regular trainings.

The look:

The fit is nice, a bit slimmer cut than an ”standard” A3. Ofcourse sizings vary form brand to brand, so check out the sizing chart.
There are four main patches, 3x the Blade on the right arm, lower back and lapel. Below the collar on the back is a nice logo, which would been quite enough along with one blade on the arm or lapel.
Also there is a small one on the choking end of the lapel.
Right sleeve

Lower Back. Tramp-stampish


Classic lapel-patch

Neck - Below the collar

All reinforcements are of a nice red colour, completing the overall colour scheme.

Reinforcement in armpit
The split on the hem

A bit of an ichy edge to the tag

On the pants we have surprisingly a blade, and a few smaller contrast enchachements.

A oddly familiar patch

Over 15cm form the end, so IBJJF legal placement

4 loops, red canvas drawstring

Almost forgot that the gusset of the pants is the same material as the top:
Surprisingly soft on the inside


The gi is as said VERY light. The website says the fabric is anti-microbially treated, and as you cant really feel that, it DOES seem like the gi stays whiter than others that lose the white into a light creamy colour. It is quite possible im only imagining this though. Only time will tell...

Size, out of the bag and after a few washes (lost count):

UPDATED with pants size:



After a few washes

Sleeve 17
Sleeve length 78
Chest width 59
Hem width 59


Waist                                 60                                           58
Length                               102                                         100
Cuff width                          27                                           26
Inseam                               73                                           72


Very light, if you like a gi that way.
Antimicrobially treated (thats what the site says, not me)
A very, very nice contrast colour.
Hidden messages. -Redrum anyone?


Too many blades blades blades (does it echo here?) blades everywhere
Some sloppiness in the contrast stitching, but no loose ends though. A price you have to pay for such a prominent contrast possibly..

I checked out the other coloured gi's on their website, and the blue and black does not look so overpowered by the Blades, as they do not stick out as much.
-You compare, and be the judge:
All the gi's

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