Kraken - Klassik Red Shorts

These shorts are from the French http://www.krakenwear.com/ , who are very known in France for theis prestigious grappling tournaments. Check out their latest challenge here: http://www.facebook.com/TheKrakenContest

There is not too much to go on from their shop, this is actually all there is written about these shorts:

"The Kraken shorts are unique, handmade. Kraken provide unparalleled quality for the most demanding athlete. "

As I said, not too much. There is almost a side-note about "advanced features", but I have to say I have not spotted any. Then again there isnt too much to say for these shorts, as they are the most basic shorts I have encountered in a while. They do not promise much, and well, its a good thing. 
There is no washing instruction tag, no country of origin, or mention of being hand made in the actual shorts...
The look is nice, out of the bag, somewhat conservative, but clutter-free.
The colour combo is nice.
The fabric is non-stretchy, and there is an absence of slits on the sides, which can make the shorts a bit restrictive. They are very thin though, and they are VERY light. 


There are no direct pros, or cons on these. The shorts are handmade, but then again the price is 55€, which I see as pretty steep due to the lack of anything that would make these worth it, design- or look-wise.


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