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The Polish company MadDog Fight has gathered quite a name in Europe, as one of the leading sources for custom rashguards, spats, vale tudo-style shorts etc, and provide a full range of design and printing services for schools and clubs.
What makes MadDog extra bombastically super-cool, is that ALL their clothing and customizations are actually made in Poland. -Yes, you read it right, not in Pakistan, not in China, in POLAND.
That means their shipping costs, turnaround times and over-all costs are cut to a bear minimum, and that the quality is top notch consistently...
-As an added bonus, there are no extra customs fees or taxes inside the EU, so they carry quite an competitive price all-around.

Here is some of the eye-candy MadDog has designed lately:

MadDog Facebook

MadDog Facebook

MadDog Facebook

MadDog Facebook

MadDog Facebook

I recieved a special delivery from Bart (His full name is so Polishly complicated, that I cant even copy/paste it correctly...), with a pair of MadDog bag- and MMA- gloves! And while I am quite street-smart, I did delegate the review and testing to a team-mate and MMA-Pro fighter Teemu Packalen from Finnfighter'sGym, who knows much more than me about gloves.


Love the contrast, 
Not digging the grenade, though

Teemu: " I like the contrast, but the grenade is quite horrible."
-I tend to agree. It does not fit the gloves at all, but the yellow pops out really nicely of the clean black.

Teemu: " The gloves are a bit light, so they are mostly for the bag, or for training on mitts. The padding is placed a bit too far on the backside, and the thumb comes too far, so it is line with the knuckles. The fit is great, and the massive velcro strap is awesome."


Nuff' said?

Teemu: " The MMA-glove, though.. It looks AWESOME."
Well, he totally nailed it. 

And here he is testing the gloves out vigorously..

Mr Packalen @ Finnfighter'sGym

Mr Packalen @ Finnfighter'sGym

Mr Packalen @ Finnfighter's Gym

Mr Packalen @ Finnfighter's Gym
Teemu: "The MMA- glove is a bit big for me, but otherwise it is superb!!"
-The glove was sent according to my hand-size, and it fit me perfectly. But again, Teemu delivers an precise opinion.

A little better view of the rashguard Teemu is wearing:

MadDog Facebook


Great colour combo.
A Superb MMA-glove.


The grenade is like a sore thumb.

You can find MadDog from the following links:

MadDog fightwear Facebook

MadDog homepage

You can contact Bart directly about custom rashies etc for your club or school directly at:

Bart's Email

You can also follow Teemu on Twitter:


And Finnfighter'sGym:


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