93Brand jiu Jitsu - "The Goose" GI

First impressions

As I opened the package in the customs office (Yeah... Seriously) and pulled the gi out for the customs guy to check, he as I said almost at the same time: That looks awesome..
-Which is cool as the customs guy (older gentleman) did not even know what it was for..
The grey is almost silvery without being shiny.
I love the white accents like the taping on the hem and the gusset in the pants. 

Even though in this picture it just looks like i ripped my crotch during rolling..

The fit:
An A3 fits me perfectly (180cm/95kg) right out of bag. I am quite broad shouldered, so a skinnier roller would propably go for the A2L... The interior of the top is very soft, easily in the top 3 of the gis ive tried. The pants are of a great cut and are not too long in the crotch as many pants have been lately.

Rolling reflections:

The gi is nice and not too hot to roll in. I took measurements after washing it and directly after a good roll, noticing that the gi had not stretched noticeably after a rigorous day of use.

Measurements before and after use:

                              Fresh After 5 washes
Sleeve                     18 17
Sleeve length             80 77
Chest width             62 59
Hem width             62 58
                Brand new After 5 washes
Waist                     60 58
Length                     104 103
Cuff width                    26         23
Inseam                     75 74

A closer look at the details:

The wonderful taping

Well reinforced and nice contrast

Hem of the top


Pant leg

The logos are very few and sparse. And that is how I like it. 

Above the leg reinforcement

Ass patch...

Lower end of the lapel

Im totally looping

A great fit out of the bag
A PERFECT fit after washing a few times
Nice shades of grey (pun intended)

Only the ass patch is overdoing it. I cant seem to understand the meaning, design-wise?
-But its easily removed..

Summa summarum

A great choice prizewise (only just above 100$), and most definatley a great choice if you want something extra instead of the traditional coloured gis on the market.

This was a easy 9/10!!

You can find 93 Brand Jiu Jitsu on their Facebook page: 

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